Lucky magazine Review September 2014

One of the problem with digital editions is the inability to see exactly how many pages are in the digital issues. You can see how many pages per article but a global view of the magazine is obscured. Reading Lucky‘s September issue is the best way to spend a leisurely afternoon. It isn’t a taxing(…)

Review of Vanity Fair Magazine September 2014

Always articulate Vanity Fair usually has a fair bit of trouble talking about fashion but  the September issue of Vanity Fair breaks the mold: it is a dream for a fashion lover. A plethora of fashion articles interspersed with style-centric articles about About Frank Gehry, Marella Agnelli as well as famous madam Madame Claude will prevent anyone(…)

My Magazines Never Came–Or, How I Came to Buy an iPad

I’m gearing up to read the September issues after a two-month hiatus from reading fashion magazines. I moved and the magazines never followed! It turns out it takes about a month after your address change for your magazines to actually get delivered to the right place!?! That’s pretty crazy, no? Speaking on the phone with(…)

Which Magazine is the Best?

Twice in the past month I’ve been asked to give my opinion on the best magazine. The first time, a reader asked me which magazine they should subscribe to between Allure, Teen Vogue, Vogue and Glamour. The second instance happened during an interview for a mid-priced fashion company. “So which is the best magazine?” I(…)

Review of Vogue magazine July 2014

Who’s not in love with Lupita Nyong’o? I haven’t yet seen 12 Years A Slave and I’m in love with Lupita Nyong’o! The reasons for this are many but mostly it’s because of her poise, her bright mind, the incredible speeches she gave during awards season and the perfect wardrobe choices she and her stylist(…)

Review of Paris Vogue Magazine June/July 2014

I am obsessed with the June/July 2014 cover of Paris Vogue. The green, the blue, the red just exudes the heat of summer and obviously the heat of Natasha Poly. The fact that her breasts are covered by the surface of the water both adds and detracts to the sensuality of the photograph. One could(…)

Moving and Magazines

I’m moving. It’s a last minute kind of thing where your plans point somewhere (Toronto) and life veers off somewhere else (Montreal). The past two weeks have been all about packing and trying to figure out what to do with my stacks of magazines. Of course, my Vogues, American and French, (and a few British(…)

Review of W Magazine June/July 2014

Reading W magazine feels like such a relief from the commercial assault that are other magazine’s offering up goods that scream “buy me”. Instead of an indiscriminate catalog presentation W attempts to separate the cream from whatever cream is separated from in analogies of this sort. The issue is way too short offering neither artist(…)

Review of the Vogue Met Gala 2014 Special Edition Magazine

On my first flip through the Vogue Met Gala 2014 Special Edition issue I must admit to being underwhelmed by the photographs and even upon a more thorough reading, I have to say that the the issue fails to recognize some of the best-dressed because they aren’t already famous singers, actors or sports stars. I(…)

Flare Face-Off: June 2014 vs. July 2014

The June and July 2014 issues of Flare magazine arrived only two weeks apart. I was expecting my new subscription to begin in July since the June cover had been on newsstands for a while when I put my order in. Now that the June issue is in I’m actually thrilled because it gives me(…)