I’m moving. It’s a last minute kind of thing where your plans point somewhere (Toronto) and life veers off somewhere else (Montreal). The past two weeks have been all about packing and trying to figure out what to do with my stacks of magazines.

Of course, my Vogues, American and French, (and a few British stragglers) go into watertight plastic containers. Issues of Fashion Theory stay because of the high price and probably a lot to do with the snob appeal of academia. I kept this year’s issues of Harper’s Bazaar because editorials with artist collaborations which seem like exceptionally special fashion imagery.

Getting rid of the rest of a year and a half’s worth of other magazines has proved to be quite difficult. Am I supposed to throw all of this paper into the recycling? I would never treat a book this way, so why the callous brush-off when it comes to glossy paper? What’s more, this year has had me witness magnificent fashion imagery and this seems, to me, worth saving.

Realistically though, there is barely enough time to go through each issue once and then go back and focus on these amazing narratives, images, contexts for fashion, etc. There’s just no room, no time and ultimately I don’t want to be the hoarder who, in ten years time, is turning every available wall space into shelving.

I called around and a youth organization seemed happy for the donation. So that meant W with its panoply of nipples had to stay. I can’t say I’m disappointed because the magazine always pushed the envelope in original ways: The Little Mermaid shoot “Far, Far From Land” with Kristin McMenamy from the December issue stands out as one of the best even 7 months later. And the May 2013 issue with the Tilda Swinton/Tim Walker “Stranger than Paradise” editorial is still a memorable mind-fuck over a year later.

I still haven’t renewed my subscription to the Hearst titles. So I can’t wait to settle into my new place, finally get around to buying an iPad, and hopefully be surprised by the issues I’ve been missing out on.

I’ll probably convert most of my subscriptions to digital this year simply to do away with the guilt of throwing away once-read magazine issues. Seeing the stacks build-up and then having to figure out what to do with them is actually pretty anxiety inducing… I mean that or buy a huge place with extra rooms for storage. Having a magazine room is a thing, right?

I guess with any big change comes the chance to reflect on what came before and your hopes for the future. I’m going to wish myself and everybody more opportunities, more inspiration and an amazing Summer!