Natasha Poly on the June/July 2014 cover of Paris Vogue

Natasha Poly on the June/July 2014 cover of Paris Vogue

I am obsessed with the June/July 2014 cover of Paris Vogue. The green, the blue, the red just exudes the heat of summer and obviously the heat of Natasha Poly.

The fact that her breasts are covered by the surface of the water both adds and detracts to the sensuality of the photograph. One could almost imagine the lip-parted, leg-parted model isn’t wearing the top of her maillot though, of course, she is.

The water’s surface could almost be seen as the blurry pixelated bar censoring her breasts. This functions as a preview to the content which contains plenty of sensuality and, oddly, for Paris Vogue, no breasts!?

Here’s what I take away from the issue: A lot of red, a lot of white, and a lot of repetition. Photographs of Natasha Poly in the red Hervé Leger bikini appear on the cover, in the “L’extase” editorial, as well as the editorial for the article “Technomania” and once again in “Néo Naturopathie”.

The white socks in red heels trend appears throughout the editorials and a red Pierre Cardin hat appears twice: on page 142 as part of the editorial for “Fière Allure” and then again on page 184 in the editorial “Cocktail d’été”

“Cocktail d’été” is itself an exercise in repetition with the elements of hat, rings, earrings, manicured nails and hats present in subtle variations of the same composition. The only negative aspect of the editorial is that the credits don’t include the drink details. That would have been a special touch.

The last editorial of the issue “Une Saison Préférée” uses repetition as well, sometimes in clothing or accessories and sometimes in the posing. The styling and layout of the photographs is interesting and the presence of Kendall Jenner’s particularly recognizable features actually elevates the editorial.

An interviews with Anthony Vaccarello offers great insight into a designer not yet covered in every major magazine and an article on Jeff Koons which is half reflection on art and half career overview make this magazine worth reading.

So what did I think of the issue? I think the repetition actually makes the issue which would otherwise not be about much. Once again the reasons to buy the issue are the editorials. There’s a great jewelry editorial with Arizona Muse and another swimwear  editorial with Karlie Kloss; she’s becoming the go-to for Paris Vogue swimsuit editorials. Back to the topic of repetition, it’s worth saying that 3 articles promote Tigre Yoga Club, you’d think the magazine was paid for the promotion.

The cover makes the magazine collectible all by itself but it’s hard to rationalize not buying the issue. 4/5 stars!