I’m gearing up to read the September issues after a two-month hiatus from reading fashion magazines. I moved and the magazines never followed! It turns out it takes about a month after your address change for your magazines to actually get delivered to the right place!?! That’s pretty crazy, no?

Speaking on the phone with a Conde Nast representative went something like this:

Me–”Hi, I changed my address 3 weeks ago and the person forwarding my mail says they’ve been constantly receiving magazines, even up to yesterday, this is just to confirm that my address was changed.”

Conde Nast Representative–”I can confirm that we have changed your address. It takes about a month for the change to take effect but you will be receiving the September issues.”

Me–”I was looking to change my subscription from print to digital and was wondering how many more issues I could get?”

Conde Nast Representative–”We just change your subscription from print to digital we can’t credit any issues.”

Me–”But there’s a huge price difference.”

Conde Nast Representative– “Only because you are shipping to Canada. In the U.S. print subscriptions are less expensive than digital.”

Me–”Whaaa that’s crazy! I have also been receiving my issues almost 3 weeks after they hit newsstands.”

Conde Nast Representative–”That’s completely normal.”

Me–”But so disappointing. “Can you check which issues I have access to digital with my subscription?”

Conde Nast Representative– “Yes. I have to check them one by one so it might be a few minutes.”


Conde Nast Representative–”All your subscriptions give you access to the digital edition.”

Me–”All of them… are you sure?”

Conde Nast Representative–”Yes. You have access to the digital editions”

–And then lots of Thank you’s all around and wishing each other a nice day– Conde Nast employees are so polite!

I’m still a little flabbergasted that they don’t have an updated system that can change your address and ship your magazines to the right pace within the week. If the magazine has been shipped, fine. But we’re talking about continuing to ship issues 3 weeks later to an address which should be changed in their computers.

This was the push I needed to jump on the tablet bandwagon so at least something positive has come out of this. I’ll be reading the August issue of Vogue before starting the September issues.

À bientôt!