Dakota Fanning on the September 2014 cover of Lucky Magazine

Dakota Fanning on the September 2014 cover of Lucky Magazine

One of the problem with digital editions is the inability to see exactly how many pages are in the digital issues. You can see how many pages per article but a global view of the magazine is obscured. Reading Lucky‘s September issue is the best way to spend a leisurely afternoon. It isn’t a taxing read, and while there isn’t anything of great substance to hang on to, it is quite pleasant.

I was quite unsure about the Dakota Fanning cover when I first laid eyes on it but Lucky has been fearless in it’s cover styling choices and I can see the appeal of Fanning as someone who will appeal to younger readers and not alienate Lucky’s older readership (Older being quite relative since Lucky seems aimed at young professionals, hipsters and generally everyone in their twenties.) I love the slate blue and green of the background and Lucky is following the recent trend of shooting covers against actual backgrounds i.e. outside. I think putting Proenza Schouler on the cover is one of the more aspirational clothing choices the magazine makes. Ultimately, I have to say that the Proenza dress’s silhouette, the red color and Dakota Fanning each draw the reader’s eye to the newsstand and that is half the struggle.

As always Eva Chen’s Editor’s Letter is a joy to read. This being my first digital issue of Lucky I was beyond pleased to see a bonus video of a day in the life of Eva Chen. The video actually isn’t on The Scene as of Aug. 18th, which is quite a shock to me but makes really does make it feel like a bonus.

In one article she plugs her Twitter, she shows-off instagram pics and gives readers a selection of 6 accessories that are key to said pics. The layout is uncrowded, perfectly balanced perfection to say nothing of the content which as always melds her personal experience, her energy and her insider’s perspective with what readers will get to enjoy throughout the issue.

Strangely The Dakota Fanning article “The Natural” by Laura Morgan, Photographed by Dan Martensen appears at the beginning of the issue. I’m truly flabbergasted by the placement though I can’t say that I dislike it. I am disappointed however in the fact that 2 of the article’s 4 original photographs feature Fanning from the shoulder up. One photograph, the one with the sequin top and grey sunglasses is more effective that the other where all you see is an army green shoulder obscuring the shirt under it. My digital issue has a Shop Now! button but… Are you kidding me, the picture is the worst showcase the clothes.

The short articles “Style Editors Picks” with Julia Kalichnikoff and Laurel Pantin are visually stunning and offer an alternative to the cliche of what fashion people wear. The Tablet Bonuses “More of X’s Picks” worked seamlessly into the content though the goal is obviously for the reader to make a purchase.

I could go on and on about how impressed I am with the content of the issue. And how impressed I am with the fact that Lucky introduces labels such as Isa Arfen, Shrimps and Mansur Gavriel to its readers before the other magazines.

The Best Article of the issue is “Talking Shop” about Avenue 32. The article is aspirational, informational, has great visuals and the digital edition has a shopable section. Amazing job!

The Worst Article of the issue is “Style Mood Board: Altuzarra x Target”. I think there are 9 things on that mood board and one is a look from the cookbook and the other is sweatshirt from the collection. It’s visually pleasing but it’s not giving me much. What’s more, the Altuzarra Lookbook was released August 14, only days after the Lucky issue hit newsstands. I have to wonder if this is Target trying to keep pics under wraps as long as possible or the magazine not willing to put a little effort into their coverage of collaborations?

The Best Editorial of the issue is “Mod Squad” photographed by Raf Stahelin, styled by Kathryn Neale and featuring Imogen Poots. I love the styling, how spare the set is in order to let Poots shine. My digital edition provides screen-sized shot of Poots putting on makeup before showing all four images in one page. My only complaint is that you can’t make each individual shot fullscreen again.

Every editorial is great in this issue “Top Hat” introduces fall outerwear and features mid-range and higher end shopable options and “Seeing Spots” showcases both the Leopard spot trend as well as model Anais Mali and once again the prices range from how low can you go to luxury.

 Bottom Line:  this may be the bast issue of Lucky I’ve read and I suspect this has much to do with reading the digital edition. The content seems to have been stepped up a little for the September issue and this is apparent in their editorials. In the past I’ve complained about their showcase of inexpensive wares looking junior and it seems that the price points have gone up with the level of sophistication. I’m hoping that Lucky does not give up featuring lower priced and midrange clothing to the extent that it has in previous issues. 3/5: A worthy digital buy!