Tommy and Dee Hilfiger on the cover of September's Architectural Digest

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger on the cover of September’s Architectural Digest

I usually read Architectural Digest as a kind of palate cleanser every month. But often and most secretly I find myself a little bored by all the “good taste” that money can buy. This month’s September issue had me in awe of three amazing stories with accompanying photographic spreads.

1. Tory Burch: I often find myself in awe of the woman’s ability to build a billion dollar clothing business but I am perplexed at the appeal of buying Tory Burch brand clothing. Throughout the years I’ve often found myself thinking that Tory Burch should be a lifestyle brand putting at least half its eggs in the interior decoration basket. I love her design taste, I love the lifestyle she projects through her stories. Burch is releasing the book Tory Burch: In Color and because I can see how this can evolve her Brand into the realm arbiter-of-taste in design and then evolve that into actually selling interior design I am a little more interested in giving the clothes a second look.

2. Isaac Mizrahi: I am shocked at how subdued and approachable, even how comfortable the designer’s abode looks. Mizrahi’s apartment is inspirational and makes this issue a must read.

3. The Hilfiger’s Florida beach house is insane. This video is just a taste, the photographs and article are over the top. The commitment is crazy.

I’m so inspired by the September issue of Architectural Digest this month. This is definitely a collectible issue and I would encourage anyone remotely interested in fashion or design to buy it. 5/5 stars!