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Teen Vogue Flip-Through Review

I attempted to skim the issue of Teen Vogue but as every short article is inundated by colorful photographs I found myself being pulled into reading every article. This issue was inspired. The lack of a nepotism article was not felt and the issue contained an important article “Creep Show” by Alyssa Giacobe on a(…)

February Flip-Through Reviews

It seems to me that I’ve been reading my magazine issues in a rather inorganic way, from cover to cover. Before I began this website I had a ritual for reading my very favourite magazines; my first flip-through my attention was reserved for ads, editorials and headlines. Sure, once or twice I read all or(…)

Subscription Conundrums

It’s that frustrating time of year when I have to renew my many magazine subscriptions. I have to decide which magazines I’m subtracting from my reading list, which I’m adding. Truth be told I’ve been thinking about buying digital editions to cut down on the storage issues until I open my magazine museum but I(…)

Review of Fashion Theory Volume 17 Issue 5, November 2013

My November issue of Fashion Theory was delivered to me in mid-December and I never quite got around to reading it but as my stack of January issues began thinning-out, it seemed like the perfect time to put some energy into a read that demands a lot more engagement with the subject matter than the(…)

Porter Magazine

In watching the BoF interview with the Porter team more than a few things made me excited to read the first issue. From 5:22 to 5:56 Natalie Massenet talks about the magazine being something that will last as physical objects as opposed to the fleeting nature of online dialogs. Interestingly magazines have often been seen(…)

Magazine Face-Off: GQ vs. Allure

In choosing to put Allure up against GQ, I thought to myself that they are on opposite sides of the masculine-feminine spectrum. But upon thinking long and hard about how all of the male beauty industry players (among others) must read Allure. I also though about how accessible GQ is to the female reader. Maybe it’s(…)

Magazine Face-Off: InStyle vs. Marie Claire

There isn’t a logic to the pairing of Marie Claire with InStyle for this magazine face-off. How opportune for us that both magazines feature phenomenally successful pop stars this month, the better to compare both issues; in fact, besides the cover subjects, the magazines could not be more dissimilar. Marie Claire is 128 pages and InStyle,(…)

Magazine Face-Off: Glamour vs. Cosmopolitan

I decided to pit Glamour against Cosmopolitan because they are magazines that veer young: I’ve said before that Glamour feels like the stepping stone between Conde Nast’s Teen Vogue and Vogue magazines. I also have trouble picturing anyone older than college-aged choosing the combination of graphic sex-ed, casual or sexy clothing and spatter of (admittedly(…)

Magazine Face-Off: Vogue vs. Elle

Once again I seem to have chosen to compare quite complementary issues: Vogue has Cate Blanchett on the cover, an established actress making her cinematic comeback. The magazine is a relatively short read but an extremely visual one, with a strong emphasis on the Spring 2014 collections. There are less than a handful of articles(…)

January Magazine Face-Offs (and Dec&Dec/Jan Best of Month)

The best magazine of last month is definitely the issue of W magazine. It is worth buying to collect. Amazing! The cover is amazing and tied for best of the month with the subscription cover of Kate Hudson for Harper’s Bazaar magazine The month of January has notoriously short magazines. As a magazine consumer, visiting the newsstand this month(…)