Letter From the Editor

My Magazines Never Came–Or, How I Came to Buy an iPad

I’m gearing up to read the September issues after a two-month hiatus from reading fashion magazines. I moved and the magazines never followed! It turns out it takes about a month after your address change for your magazines to actually get delivered to the right place!?! That’s pretty crazy, no? Speaking on the phone with(…)

Which Magazine is the Best?

Twice in the past month I’ve been asked to give my opinion on the best magazine. The first time, a reader asked me which magazine they should subscribe to between Allure, Teen Vogue, Vogue and Glamour. The second instance happened during an interview for a mid-priced fashion company. “So which is the best magazine?” I(…)

Moving and Magazines

I’m moving. It’s a last minute kind of thing where your plans point somewhere (Toronto) and life veers off somewhere else (Montreal). The past two weeks have been all about packing and trying to figure out what to do with my stacks of magazines. Of course, my Vogues, American and French, (and a few British(…)

The Stragglers

I didn’t get to Allure, InStyle or Glamour this month though I did sneak a peak at the Lena Dunham interview in Glamour. I’ll be finishing up the month by reading Fashion Theory and then starting the May issues with those I left out this month. Fiew, another month gone by…

Spring Shift

In the past month I’ve regretted not being able to read the March issues since so much effort goes into them (yes, more than the average issue, and it shows). Because of this scaling back I’ve been able to start taking online courses from Treehouse and even taken a few days off from it all(…)

Review of Vogue March 2014 cover

When I first saw this Vogue cover I immediately thought about Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover, featuring Michaela Bercu in a Christian Lacroix sweatshirt.  The most obvious reasons for comparison are that both Rihanna and Bercu are wearing light-colored blue jeans and embellished tops with their midriffs showing. Denim isn’t featured all that frequently on(…)

Paris Vogue Desecration

  I received my March issue of Paris Vogue inside a clear apology bag from Canada Post. The original packaging was ripped to shreds, through still covering the magazine. It is incomprehensible that the magazine could be destroyed in this manner; there are no water marks on the magazine so the rips have to be(…)

Trying to Read Porter Magazine’s Digital Edition

I was planning on reviewing the digital copy of the first issue of Porter magazine today. I thought I bought the first issue but I received a letter informing me that I would receive the April issue as my first issue. To be fair, I really can’t remember if this was specified on the website(…)

More Reviews Come May

Ooooof, I didn’t get the chance to review Allure, Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire (Darn!) this month and I am planning on taking a break from writing reviews for a few months in order to learn some new skills that will help me develop this project in new and exciting ways. March will feature a review of(…)

Nipples in GQ magazine

The February issue of GQ magazine is quite short at 124 pages. What’s more, the quality that habitual readers have come to expect from the publication is missing and the smatter of articles veers towards the superficial rather than the well-researched and expansive articles of previous issues. The magazine has simultaneously decided that this February(…)