Glamour Insults Us With Lady Gaga Cover

The cover of Lady Gaga chosen by Glamour magazine may not have been the best choice as the image is in direct contradiction to the message of her article in which she speaks about her body-image and eating disorder issues; to show a woman’s hands wrapped around her own tiny waist (photoshopped or not) promotes(…)

Review of Town&Country magazine December 2013

The December issue of Town&Country is decidedly less festive than the November issue but almost seems to answer the overload of joyous gluttony and overspending that characterizes the holiday season by paring back and looking at the less ornamental ways we give rather than receive. The December issue is 226 pages with a read-time of(…)

Review of Cosmopolitan magazine December 2013

The December issue of Cosmopolitan is 222 pages. The read time is well over a few hours and the visual aspects will keep a reader interested in the page in front of them. All this being said, I thought that the first half of the magazine was more successful than the last part of the(…)

L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic

The L’Wren Scott collection for Banana Republic certainly has a more grown-up feel than most designer collaborations to date but is in line with other Banana Republic collaborations like the Milly and Issa lines, that is to say, clothing professional enough for casual work-wear and preppy enough for sophisticated down-time, although the L’Wren Scott collection is(…)

Review of Vogue magazine November 2013

The November issue of Vogue is one of the most visually stunning issues in recent memory. The content also manages to be surprising while still embracing the theme of Christmas. At 312 pages it is a satisfactory length for the magazine and the read time is more than a few hours. The “Letter From The(…)

Month in Review: The Best and Worst of November

Best Cover: Demi Lovato on the cover of Teen Vogue Best Cover–Runner-Up: Chloe Sevigny on the cover of Town&Country Best Magazine: Elle Best Magazine–Runner-Up: Cosmopolitan Worst Magazine: Town&Country Worst Magazine–Runner-Up: Allure Best Editorials: 1) “Super Fly” photographed by Giovanna Battaglia, photographed by Emma Summerton in W magazine. 2) “Natalie’s On Next’ by Ned Zeman, photographed by Tesh in Marie Claire Best Editorial–Runners-Up:(…)

Review of Allure magazine November 2013

When I first received this magazine, my first thought was for how stunning the cover was; all that tan and blonde really adds an uplifting dimension to the cold and sunlight deficient days of November. The “Beauty by Number” column this month featuring boots, is really about fashion but why quibble when it turns out(…)

Review of W magazine November 2013

With a read time of between 2 and 2.5 hours W magazine is incredibly short but still a remarkably satisfying read. The concept of “The Global Style Issue” is fascinating for a reader used to a Europe and America-centric view of fashion, as such, content not always related to fashion but of interest to those(…)

Review of Harper’s Bazaar magazine November 2013

The November issue of Bazaar has many pretty amazing aspects, but then it also has some perplexing articles whose quality falls short of what a reader expects from Bazaar. I was looking forward to an unexpected curation of amazing pieces and prescriptive articles on how to wear the more difficult trends. Instead the pair of(…)

Review of Marie Claire magazine November 2013

The November issue of Marie Claire is 242 pages but feels much shorter. There seem to be far more images than articles and that must account for the quick read. The cover is simply exquisite and somewhat quelled my “Portman in Dior, again?” annoyance. (Is it just me or is this wearing thin, especially as(…)