Review of Teen Vogue Magazine May 2014

The May issue of Teen Vogue is a pleasure to read. The “Letter from the Editor” introduces the magazine’s new series on Youtube Strictly Ballet and the editor talks about her love of dance. This being the music issue, it makes sense that dance plays a significant part of the issue but it feels as(…)

Review of Paris Vogue Magazine May 2014

At first seeing the cover of Paris Vogue’s May issue ranted and raved about its hideousness. First, is the magazine trying to take back orange and black from Halloween? Second, Marceau seems photoshopped onto the background making her hair look choppy and straw-like. Third, Paris Vogue produces disappointing covers when an actor poses for the cover,(…)

Review of Lucky Magazine May 2014

The May issue of Lucky is optimistic, connected and a fun read that represents an underrepresented point of view in the magazine industry, the millennial point of view. The much maligned generation’s buying power is often ignored, but Lucky takes it upon itself to create content that appeals to environmentally aware and ethically minded youth.(…)

Review of GQ Magazine May 2014

I’m not quite sure how to evaluate the May issue of GQ, there are amazing parts, good parts but ultimately two things make me think that this issue could have been so much better. The first is that once again there is no editor’s letter in my issue. This is starting to get weird. Some(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine May 2014

From page 197 to page 270 the May issue of Vogue is an absolute treasure. Before page 197 there are a few great articles namely the Neo Nuptials section. Now, looking back at the issue I can’t help but see one good article after the other, but reading it, I kept waiting for a great(…)

Review of Vanity Fair Magazine May 2014

The May issue of Vanity Fair is perhaps less serious than most issues of Vanity Fair, the humour that can be found in spades on the website is often overshadowed by more serious fare in the issue. Not this month. Articles like “Perfection Anxiety” by A.A. Gill and “The Impossible Interview: Kanye West Speaks with(…)

Super Late Magazine Review

I’m late to reviewing but it just got in, so that’s my excuse. The cover photographs for the issue are surprising and stunning. You wouldn’t expect them to work but they do. I got the cover with Jamie Bochert holding a basketball. At first it’s huh??? but then the mix of sport and fashion(…)

Review of Allure Magazine May 2014

I was very excited to see to see Olivia Munn on the cover of Allure this month. The actress is brilliant in The Newsroom and she hasn’t been featured in very many magazines. I hope this is the first of many magazine covers for Munn and I hope she chooses more great projects that will(…)

Review of The Business of Fashion: The Companies & Culture Issue

There is no reason to buy this print issue of The Business of Fashion: The Companies & Culture Issue. Every article is online, which is infuriating, once again, to the consumer who has paid £5 for the issue and another £5 in shipping charges. The articles are great, and I like to think a step-up(…)

Review of Glamour Magazine May 2014

Run. Seriously. Run, don’t walk to your nearest newsstand and pick-up the May issue of Glamour magazine. It’s that good and I wouldn’t be lying since I hate-hate-hated the March issue and and couldn’t be bothered to read much more than the Lena Dunham interview and “The Month in Outfits” from the April issue–God, that(…)