Review of InStyle Magazine May 2014

InStyle may be the best-selling magazine in America but the May issue was a disappointment. It is 394 pages with a read time of 4 to 5 hours. Cameron Diaz is on the cover making gold jewelry look relevant to the consumer and because The Body Book and The Other Woman, there is no way(…)

The Stragglers

I didn’t get to Allure, InStyle or Glamour this month though I did sneak a peak at the Lena Dunham interview in Glamour. I’ll be finishing up the month by reading Fashion Theory and then starting the May issues with those I left out this month. Fiew, another month gone by…

Review of W magazine April 2014

What can I say about this 136 page issue of W magazine? Well what’s there is good… but there isn’t much there. As I’ve come to expect all of the regular features are great reads from the “Editor’s Letter”, “Gio’s Journal”, “Inspiration Equation” which has been moved to the beginning of the issue instead of(…)

Review of Elle Magazine April 2014

Very often, Elle magazine gets put at the bottom of my reading pile. It may be that it arrives later in the month than most of my subscriptions do, or it may be that Elle necessitates a time and engagement commitment that I’m not ready to give. All signs point to me not liking this magazine(…)

Review of Marie Claire Magazine April 2014

I have to dub this month’s issue of Marie Claire the issue for smart girls. Not only does Marie Claire feature Shailene Woodley and Haim, (they feel like individuals rather than being created in a mold, so– smart girl heroes.) but dares to include articles that are heavier fare than fashion magazines usually run. I(…)

Review of GQ Magazine April 2014

The April issue of GQ magazine is 214 pages of great fashion advice and well-written articles. It is one of my favorite reads this month despite it being aimed at another demographic. But all this great reading comes after Jim Nelson’s “Letter From the Editor”, a rather perplexing piece that seems addressed to someone other(…)

Review of Harper’s Bazaar April 2014

This month Harper’s Bazaar is 270 pages and has a read time of several hours. Because this is the “Fabulous at Every Age” issue, there are profiles of numerous women, notably Robin Wright (finally!), Lara Stone, Solange Knowles and Charlotte Rampling, not to mention a short article by Betty White. Despite these admittedly great articles(…)

Harper’s Bazaar April 2014 Subscription Cover

The photograph at left is used on the subscription cover of Harper’s Bazaar, but why mar it with the masthead or the headlines…. The counterintuitive black dress on black background, the no-makeup makeup and a wavy, just-undid-my-chignon hairstyle make this the simplest cover to come along in a long time. The appeal is in the(…)

Review of Vanity Fair April 2014

This tiny issue of Vanity Fair, 198 pages to be precise, is an ordeal to read. The cheap ink doesn’t stay on the page and I found myself alternating between resting the issue on the edge and the bed of my nails in order to slow the ink melting into my fingers. Even with all(…)

Review of Paris Vogue April 2014

Reading Paris Vogue in general and this issue specifically is such a different experience from reading the subscription issues from Conde Nast’s American stable. Somehow the read time of just over 2 hours doesn’t seem like a blow-off issue and this has much to do with the risk-taking editorials and the loosely intellectual bent to(…)