Review of Paris Vogue April 2014

Reading Paris Vogue in general and this issue specifically is such a different experience from reading the subscription issues from Conde Nast’s American stable. Somehow the read time of just over 2 hours doesn’t seem like a blow-off issue and this has much to do with the risk-taking editorials and the loosely intellectual bent to(…)

Review of Porter Magazine Summer 2014 Issue

It came! And the cover is thick and gorgeous with a fold out of Lady Gaga photographs on one side and a 3 page (4 if you count the non-fold-out page–and you should.) Dior ad featuring Marion Cotillard on the inside. The contrast between this luxury cover and Vogue‘s flimsy subscription cover is startling. The(…)

Review of Cosmopolitan magazine April 2014

This is the first issue of Cosmopolitan that manages to not insult its readership through sub-par articles, not enough attention given to careers and uneven attention given sex over every other subject. This issue feels like a treasure because of the “Cosmo Careers” section edited by Sheryl Sandberg as well as the ever-present sex content(…)

Review of Vogue magazine April 2014

After all the hype made about the cover it feels like such a relief to actually get past it and read the April issue of Vogue. While the article that goes with the cover story is entertaining, the jewel of this issue is undoubtedly “Follow Me”  by Jonathan Van Meter, photographed by Mario Testino. It(…)

Review of Town&Country Magazine 2014

The April issue of Town&Country is very probably my favourite issue of the past year. I’m usually pretty hard on T&C whose breathtaking editorials are usually unmatched in quality by short articles that are neither here nor there. Every article was informative and imbued with that little something that makes it very T&C. Some would(…)

Review of Teen Vogue Magazine April 2014

I only skipped one month of Teen Vogue but I can already feel a wind of change in the magazine. 2 serious articles! 2!!! “Chelsea Lately” by Jessica Pels and “Unfair Fight” by Jane Shin Park are alternatively hopeful about the difference the individual can make and informative about the pressures to conform. I like the(…)

Review of Lucky Magazine April 2014

I’ve been intrigued with Lucky magazine since hearing about Eva Chen’s appointment to the magazine’s helm and the talk surrounding Anna Wintour’s influence in rebranding the magazine in the Conde Nast image. I received my first issue of Lucky magazine through the mail and loved the cover. Seeing that Saint Laurent dress on Collins made(…)

Review of Glamour March 2014

The March issue of Glamour magazine is 326 pages and had me hooked because of this is the 75th Anniversary issue. I would have bought the issue at newsstands based on this alone because the September issue did the looking back the right way with pictures, important historical moments in the magazine’s history and enduring(…)

Paris Vogue Review March 2014

Do I love this cover of Paris Vogue? I love it because it’s different and taking a chance on a cover is something magazines do too little of. That being said, it’s not the most enticing cover, in fact, it’s a little off-putting. The theme of the March issue is “Femme-Fatale” but Stone comes off(…)

Spring Shift

In the past month I’ve regretted not being able to read the March issues since so much effort goes into them (yes, more than the average issue, and it shows). Because of this scaling back I’ve been able to start taking online courses from Treehouse and even taken a few days off from it all(…)