Review of Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2014 cover

I’d call this remarkably thick issue of Harper’s Bazaar long-winded but this 531 page issue is ad-happy and editorial-full rather than a wordy read. A few of the editorials are spectacular and a few are just okay but filled with unexpected choices. The subscription cover is quite pretty in itself and the choice to use(…)

Review of the Vanity Fair March 2014 cover

This month the inside of the fold-out cover of Vanity Fair is exponentially more interesting than the view-from-the-newsstands cover, though the cover stars are easy choices because of their lead actor roles this year. (Wasn’t the story about supporting actors this year?–Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto and Lea Seydoux really sent shock waves though movie goers(…)

Review of Vogue March 2014 cover

When I first saw this Vogue cover I immediately thought about Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover, featuring Michaela Bercu in a Christian Lacroix sweatshirt.  The most obvious reasons for comparison are that both Rihanna and Bercu are wearing light-colored blue jeans and embellished tops with their midriffs showing. Denim isn’t featured all that frequently on(…)

Paris Vogue Desecration

  I received my March issue of Paris Vogue inside a clear apology bag from Canada Post. The original packaging was ripped to shreds, through still covering the magazine. It is incomprehensible that the magazine could be destroyed in this manner; there are no water marks on the magazine so the rips have to be(…)

Review of Fashion Theory Volume 18 Issue 1 February 2014

The February issue of Fashion Theory really doesn’t have that much fashion; there are 2 articles on plastic surgery, 1 on plus-size identity formation which admittedly makes the discussion on fashion all the more interesing and one on the clothing of Zanzibari women. Normally, I might be a little disappointed by the inclusion of 2(…)

CR Fashion Magazine–Or The One That Got Away

Issue 4 of CR Fashion Book is out but I never received my issue 3. After a while I begin to ask myself did I or didn’t I get the one year subscription? At this point, 6 months late, I hardly think that receiving the issue is worth very much to me, after all, those(…)

Trying to Read Porter Magazine’s Digital Edition

I was planning on reviewing the digital copy of the first issue of Porter magazine today. I thought I bought the first issue but I received a letter informing me that I would receive the April issue as my first issue. To be fair, I really can’t remember if this was specified on the website(…)

More Reviews Come May

Ooooof, I didn’t get the chance to review Allure, Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire (Darn!) this month and I am planning on taking a break from writing reviews for a few months in order to learn some new skills that will help me develop this project in new and exciting ways. March will feature a review of(…)

Harper’s Bazaar Flip-Through Review February 2014

This cover of Harper’s Bazaar is so stunning that I can’t believe I held out reading it for this long. The combination of the Proenza Schouler dress, the minimal makeup and the model (Daria!) would make this cover hard to resist at newsstands for any fashion lover worth their salt. This issue seems to have(…)

W Flip-Through Review February 2014

I won’t lie and pretend that the February issue of W is as brilliant as almost every issue of W that I’ve read in the past year. I didn’t think that the concepts for the editorials were as strong as they usually are though “Field Day” certainly offered up images as alienating as they were(…)