Glamour Flip-Through Review February 2014

And… the transformation is complete! Glamour is no longer the colage-y magazine with no words!!! I must say that I regret that “Beauty, It’s My Thing” article didn’t make the cut but articles about television and the celebrity column which will be penned by Zosia Mamet and Rashida Jones on alternating months (if I understood(…)

Nipples in GQ magazine

The February issue of GQ magazine is quite short at 124 pages. What’s more, the quality that habitual readers have come to expect from the publication is missing and the smatter of articles veers towards the superficial rather than the well-researched and expansive articles of previous issues. The magazine has simultaneously decided that this February(…)

GQ Flip-Through Review February 2014

The February issue of GQ is such a disappointment. I am used to well researched and fascinating stories from GQ and this month’s offering just didn’t provide this. I was beyond disappointed that, once again, there is is no editor’s letter to introduce or guide the reader through the magazine. As Nelson’s editor’s letters are(…)

Elle Flip-Through Review February 2014

The February issue of Elle magazine doesn’t impress at first glance. The issue I received had Zooey Deschanel on the cover and I’ve read more than a few interviews of Deschanel in the past year so ,meh, to that. Oh, did I judge this issue too quickly! The profiles of the cover stars were some of the most uninteresting(…)

Town&Country Flip-Through Review

I wasn’t particularly impressed by the February cover of Town&Country and though I found a few nuggets of gold amid the short write-ups of the front-of-book (among them “Style Spy: The Well-Suited Adventures of…” by Amanda R. Hearst) it wasn’t until “The Violet Hours” by Stellene Volandes that my roaming eyes, drawn in by the(…)

InStyle Flip-Through Review February 2014

InStyle was made for the Flip-through. It is a magazine whose strengths are showing consumers what celebrities are wearing or delineating on-trend items in collage format. There are so many of these types of pages that even if you skip 10 something will eventually catch your eye and make you stop. In this way, InStyle(…)

Vanity Fair Flip-Through Review

It really didn’t matter whether or not Teen Vogue was a Flip-Through review because for Teen Vogue, such as the pages are laid out captioned and photographed, to Flip-through is to read the content. This is not the case for Vanity Fair. I found the front of the book particularly scant in the short features that(…)

Daria Vogue UK Cover

Apparently green dresses on magazine covers don’t sell but the mix of Daria (the eyes, the nose ring!), the Prada dress and the contrasting peach-colored lettering has me thinking that this is the most exciting cover to come out in a long time. I’m CRAZY about it and the preview on the website delivers on(…)

Vogue Flip-Through Review

The February issue of Vogue perfectly illustrates the discrepency between the cover-to-cover reader’ and the flip-through reader’ appraisal of a magazine. Flipping-through the magazine makes my read dependant on headlines, images and other attention grabbing gimmicks. How does the issue Stack up? The magazine’s numerous editorials preclude it to being perfect for a visual reader. The(…)

Vogue’s Free Content

I have to admit that I am a frequent visiter to and as such had already read/seen the Lena Dunham article as well as the a number of other articles and features of the February issue. This diminishes the reading experience once the magazine is actually in the consumer’s hands and makes me think(…)