Magazine Face-Off: Vanity Fair vs. Town&Country

While it would be convenient to have a straight answer for which magazine a reader should buy this month (Vanity Fair or Town&Country), both magazines are 120 pages, so if you were to buy buy both you might get a complete magazine experience. Unfortunately, despite their paltry length, the magazines are not discounted. Let me(…)

Review of Harper’s Bazaar Dec/Jan 2013-14

Even after a month of having this issue of Harper’s Bazaar on my desk it looks a stunning and exciting as the first time I laid eyes on it. The alternate cover inside the magazine is equally stunning. I found it impossible to find the cover credits however they are online here. The red dress(…)

Review of Teen Vogue Dec/Jan 2013-14

There are many great elements in Teen Vogue this month. The editorial “Sonic Youth” photographed by Jason Kibbler is stunning in every way: styling, models, hair & makeup. I suspect that the clothing is too expensive for most teens but trends like short dresses, mixing print and silver, sneakers, and tech as accessory are easy(…)

Review of W magazine Dec/Jan 2013

Run, run to get the Dec/Jan issue of W magazine before the February issue invades newsstands. This might be over-enthusiastic but I think my life is richer for having read this magazine. The selection for the opening articles “Keeping Up with Karla: My Gift Guide” and “Winter’s most Wanted” are beyond amazing but pale in comparison(…)

Review of Elle magazine December 2013

I have been dreading the writing of this review. For one I found Elle magazine tedious and overfull, with most articles lacking the jolt of energy needed to keep me alert while reading this 320 page (feels like 500 at least) issue. The issue desperately needs breathing room and lightness! This isn’t to say that(…)

Review of Marie Claire magazine December 2013

  Marie Claire magazine was one of my favorite magazines this month. The visuals were stunning and the wares on offer were an original selection that hasn’t appeared ad nauseam in magazines yet. I won’t go into detail about how great everything because that would get quite annoying. I’ll just give the highlights. I love(…)

Review of Vanity Fair magazine December 2013

The December issue of Vanity Fair is nowhere near as good as it should be. In its favour is the fact that the columns with short articles jammed into spaces between long articles have been made larger. These short articles feel less like random off-topic tidbits and more like real articles worthy of a reader’s(…)

Review of Allure magazine December 2013

The December issue of Allure is 204 pages and although there are some Christmas themed features, the magazine retains the same format. This issue of the magazine is an enjoyable read. The “Beauty by the Numbers: Wigs” article didn’t catch my fancy as much as other iterations of the feature have. The article is only(…)

Review of InStyle magazine December 2013

I love the opening pages of InStyle‘s December issue. The thing is that there are so many pages that within these there is bound to be at least a few articles that will please each person. Which isn’t to say that quality and bringing new information to the public is always the chiefest concern or that few(…)

Review of Glamour magazine December 2013

The December issue of Glamour magazine is the “Women of the Year” issue. Aside from my views on the cover I think that the visual aspects of the magazine are quite strong throughout. The content related to the history  of  the “Women of the Year” as well as the introductory articles about the awards are(…)