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Review of Glamour Magazine September 2014

Glamour is clearly in LOVE with Olivia Wilde. Of course it helps that Jennifer Aniston, last year’s cover star gave Wilde the seal of approval last September, and then there’s the “Do’s and Dont’s of Turning 30″ and “What Will They Think of Us in 75 Years?” columns she penned for the magazine. Wilde seems to(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine June 2014

At first glance I hated the June Vogue cover–navy for the Summer? Outdoors? –Navy, maybe indoors, in an attempt to impose professionalism on a body who, sweating and frizzing, is begging for the beach, cool clothing and cold beverages. It’s the hair that saves the cover from being incomprehensible; a narrative can be sculpted here(…)