Lupita Nyong’o

Lucky magazine Review September 2014

One of the problem with digital editions is the inability to see exactly how many pages are in the digital issues. You can see how many pages per article but a global view of the magazine is obscured. Reading Lucky‘s September issue is the best way to spend a leisurely afternoon. It isn’t a taxing(…)

Review of Vogue magazine July 2014

Who’s not in love with Lupita Nyong’o? I haven’t yet seen 12 Years A Slave and I’m in love with Lupita Nyong’o! The reasons for this are many but mostly it’s because of her poise, her bright mind, the incredible speeches she gave during awards season and the perfect wardrobe choices she and her stylist(…)

Review of Glamour March 2014

The March issue of Glamour magazine is 326 pages and had me hooked because of this is the 75th Anniversary issue. I would have bought the issue at newsstands based on this alone because the September issue did the looking back the right way with pictures, important historical moments in the magazine’s history and enduring(…)

Review of InStyle magazine December 2013

I love the opening pages of InStyle‘s December issue. The thing is that there are so many pages that within these there is bound to be at least a few articles that will please each person. Which isn’t to say that quality and bringing new information to the public is always the chiefest concern or that few(…)