Rashida Jones

Review of Glamour Magazine September 2014

Glamour is clearly in LOVE with Olivia Wilde. Of course it helps that Jennifer Aniston, last year’s cover star gave Wilde the seal of approval last September, and then there’s the “Do’s and Dont’s of Turning 30″ and “What Will They Think of Us in 75 Years?” columns she penned for the magazine. Wilde seems to(…)

Review of Glamour Magazine May 2014

Run. Seriously. Run, don’t walk to your nearest newsstand and pick-up the May issue of Glamour magazine. It’s that good and I wouldn’t be lying since I hate-hate-hated the March issue and and couldn’t be bothered to read much more than the Lena Dunham interview and “The Month in Outfits” from the April issue–God, that(…)