Sasha Pivovarova

Review of Vogue magazine July 2014

Who’s not in love with Lupita Nyong’o? I haven’t yet seen 12 Years A Slave and I’m in love with Lupita Nyong’o! The reasons for this are many but mostly it’s because of her poise, her bright mind, the incredible speeches she gave during awards season and the perfect wardrobe choices she and her stylist(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine May 2014

From page 197 to page 270 the May issue of Vogue is an absolute treasure. Before page 197 there are a few great articles namely the Neo Nuptials section. Now, looking back at the issue I can’t help but see one good article after the other, but reading it, I kept waiting for a great(…)

Review of Vogue magazine November 2013

The November issue of Vogue magazine is 306 pages and has everything that is is supposed to have. There are many informative short articles, at the same time I didn’t feel as though I could sink my teeth into anything. While the cover elicited many accusations about the over-use of photoshop, which I can’t really(…)

Review of Vogue magazine July 2013

The July issue of Vogue is 152 pages long (so tiny!), but it has a few intriguing articles and amazing photographs. Reading Vogue after the fiasco that was Instyle felt like a breath of fresh air. I think I even felt my brain smile. Sure, I have to lament that the TNT article was too(…)