September 2014

Review of Porter Magazine Fall 2014 (September)

Porter magazine can only be deemed good. The articles are all infinitely read-able. And because the magazine barely relies on advertisers the content is varied, fascinating, and great a balance of trends to shop–on net-a-porter– and articles you can sink your teeth into like “The Fashion Memo” section and “The Big Idea” series of articles(…)

Review of Architectural Digest September 2014

I usually read Architectural Digest as a kind of palate cleanser every month. But often and most secretly I find myself a little bored by all the “good taste” that money can buy. This month’s September issue had me in awe of three amazing stories with accompanying photographic spreads. 1. Tory Burch: I often find(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine September 2014

The September issue of Vogue has been out for a couple weeks now so we’ve had time to digest the issue of issues. Here’s what you should come away with: Wedding! Street Style Labels! Paris! Go Read A Book! Amazing Editorials! Weddings: Anna Wintour’s Letter from the Editor begins with beautiful photographs from her son(…)