Vogue magazine review

Review of Vogue Magazine September 2014

The September issue of Vogue has been out for a couple weeks now so we’ve had time to digest the issue of issues. Here’s what you should come away with: Wedding! Street Style Labels! Paris! Go Read A Book! Amazing Editorials! Weddings: Anna Wintour’s Letter from the Editor begins with beautiful photographs from her son(…)

Review of Vogue magazine July 2014

Who’s not in love with Lupita Nyong’o? I haven’t yet seen 12 Years A Slave and I’m in love with Lupita Nyong’o! The reasons for this are many but mostly it’s because of her poise, her bright mind, the incredible speeches she gave during awards season and the perfect wardrobe choices she and her stylist(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine June 2014

At first glance I hated the June Vogue cover–navy for the Summer? Outdoors? –Navy, maybe indoors, in an attempt to impose professionalism on a body who, sweating and frizzing, is begging for the beach, cool clothing and cold beverages. It’s the hair that saves the cover from being incomprehensible; a narrative can be sculpted here(…)

Review of Vogue Magazine May 2014

From page 197 to page 270 the May issue of Vogue is an absolute treasure. Before page 197 there are a few great articles namely the Neo Nuptials section. Now, looking back at the issue I can’t help but see one good article after the other, but reading it, I kept waiting for a great(…)

Review of Vogue magazine April 2014

After all the hype made about the cover it feels like such a relief to actually get past it and read the April issue of Vogue. While the article that goes with the cover story is entertaining, the jewel of this issue is undoubtedly “Follow Me”  by Jonathan Van Meter, photographed by Mario Testino. It(…)

Magazine Face-Off: Vogue vs. Elle

Once again I seem to have chosen to compare quite complementary issues: Vogue has Cate Blanchett on the cover, an established actress making her cinematic comeback. The magazine is a relatively short read but an extremely visual one, with a strong emphasis on the Spring 2014 collections. There are less than a handful of articles(…)

Review of Vogue magazine November 2013

The November issue of Vogue is one of the most visually stunning issues in recent memory. The content also manages to be surprising while still embracing the theme of Christmas. At 312 pages it is a satisfactory length for the magazine and the read time is more than a few hours. The “Letter From The(…)